TPD Design Camp

The TPD Design Camp, which took place between 7 and 10th December 2016, at TISS and World Trade Centre, Mumbai, employed a hands-on approach, building on the consensus from the Curriculum Advisory workshop.

The purpose of the Camp was to consolidate our learnings from the first year of operation, build our pedagogical focus (collaboration, learning from errors authenticity) explicitly into next years’ modules and draft course outlines by academics and state educators working collaboratively.

Seven educators from premier state institutions such as the boards of education, SCERT and IASEs worked in their subject teams over four days and presented a feasible outline for next year’s certification courses.

After Glenda Stump and Amina Charania’s introduction to ‘ped-pillars’ on Day 1, each group interpreted them uniquely and came up with a variety of activities in which ped-pillars are built explicitly.

Eric Klopfler from MIT participated in an online conference to share his experiences of tools that facilitate online learning. Liz described the components of her online course and explained considerations in the design and use of each.

Shamin Padalkar, Assistant Professor, CLIx, presenting the Science course on Day 4

Through dialogue, we improved our understanding of patterns in learner’s usage of platforms, impact of each resource and ways to produce it, facilitation strategies, role of anonymity, integration of social media on platform, scope of features such as groups, virtual rooms, etc.

Margaret Leahy’s experience in professional development of Irish teachers gave an example of successful use of online education and a set of useful rubrics to help teachers weave 21st century skills into the activities they plan for their context. Nilesh Nimkar’s experience of established teaching community practices and his reflections gave participants hope to persist in efforts to implement online education initiatives.

Setting the tone, Padma, our project lead, shared the need for certification courses and how best to approach their design to address our context. Amina, our TPD lead, shared a framework of modality for this course.

[Arunachal Kumar, Research Assistant, Teacher Professional Development, CLIx]

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