Curriculum Advisory Meet: Content Meets Context (13–14 September 2016)

As the newest team in CLIx, we at TPD have had critical discussions with a wide range of stakeholders on our approach, culminating in a TPD Manual. Do have a look at it here.

To invite wider participation in our design process, we organised the ‘Curriculum and Advisory Meet’ on 13–14 September 2016in Mumbai. It was attended by 21 teacher educators from 4 states and 12 curriculum advisors from IASEs, SCERTs and the education boards of the four states.

Content designers presented the rationale of their modules, outlined plans for the coming year, and sought contextual feedback from state educators. Each educator worked closely with content designers inher subject area and gave priceless feedbacks drawn from the realities of the state.

Curriculum Advisory Meet, Mumbai

Educators suggested improvements in the choice of content topics, features desirable in tools and ways to make the module more usable for rural teachers working with state curricula.

We learnt to keep modules simpler and link them better to state curricula, gained clarity on how teachers may interact with technology in their contexts, understood the critical role of teacher educators in the field, and devised strategies to facilitate online teacher communities.

We presented our plans for certification courses the following year and obtained feedback on its modality to improve relevance and so engagement.

Our project teams and state educators agreed on critical issues such as the need for foundational topics rather content tailored to the textbook, the design of module activities and the viability of online platforms. This gives us energy for the work ahead of us!

For resources from the Curriculum Advisory Meet, click here.

[Arunachal Kumar, Research Associate, Teacher Professional Development, CLIx]


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