Data Collection in Rajasthan

The research team accompanied the Field Support Persons (FSPs) in Rajasthan and visited schools in the control group for data collection. Between November 21 to 26, baseline tools (Student General Questionnaire and Student Learning Assessment) were administered in  ten schools of Sirohi and ten schools of Jaipur. The purpose of the survey was explained to the sampled students in each school. Two tools, Student General Questionnaire and Student Learning Assessment Questionnaire were administered using  Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheets. The students had to be first oriented on how to fill the OMR sheets. The Principals and the teachers in the control schools were eager to know about CLIx and spontaneously shared challenges one might face if CLIx would be received in their respective schools.

In addition, the team members ‘shadowed’ select teachers in CLIx intervention schools. The objective was to observe the teachers’ pedagogical practices in CLIx and non-CLIx classrooms (for grades other than 9th), their engagement with i2c roll-out and  teacher-student interaction and to understand their views about the CLIx module roll out. The state implementation team helped to identify one such teacher per school with whom the research team could spend an entire day. Teachers were enthusiastic about discussing their perceptions and understanding about CLIx, including the challenges and opportunities.

The team also observed i2C classes. Students’ enthusiasm, peer interaction and collaborative work was evident. Some of the teachers shared their concern about the upcoming half-yearly exams and the shortage of time for syllabus completion. However, the motivation of the principals and teachers and the efforts of the FSPs were inspiring. The research team was also able to collect i2c platform data directly from school servers, which will help the team in analysing student artefacts and student experiences that have been captured through platform analytics.

The research team will soon bring together these various data strands in the form of analytical reports.

(Arundhati Roy, Research Associate &  Anusha Ganjikar, Research Assistant, Research team, CLIx)

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