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Project Description

“To create learning communities where all students and teachers engage with mathematics and move collaboratively towards an understanding of mathematics as a discipline.” – Vision for CLIx Math

While there has been a steady rise in the enrolment in secondary schools in recent years, many of the issues and concerns related to the quality of mathematics learning have remained persistent. There is often a paucity of teachers and resources and a gap between intended and implemented curriculum. Pedagogical practices mostly focus on practising textbook-exercises and memorisation instead of deepening mathematical thinking and problem solving. For learners, the consequent implication is a considerable gap in their conceptual understanding and limited opportunities for making meaningful connections with their life-world. There is limited scope for appreciating the nature and beauty of mathematics as a subject. CLIx Math modules aim at changing the approach towards mathematics learning and teaching at high school level. The first CLIx Math module on ‘Geometric Reasoning’ stresses on activities around analysis of geometric shapes and their properties, informal deduction, gradually building facility with reasoning, leading to an understanding of the need for formal deductive proofs. The second CLIx Math module on ‘Proportional Reasoning’ aims to enable students to identify and understand multiplicative relationships in contexts involving comparisons, sharing and scaling, leading to conceptual applications both within and across subject domains.

Arindam Bose

Team Lead & Associate Professor, Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE), TISS 

I taught Mathematics at the undergraduate level in Patna University between 2002 and 2007, during which period I was a member of the Mathematics focus group of the Bihar Curriculum Framework 2006 for school education. I was also part of the Core Committee formed by the Governor of Bihar in 2006 for recommending and rejuvenating higher education in Bihar. My key interests are the sociology of (mathematics) education, language diversity and math learning, and ethnomathematics.

  • Post Doc (2016), University of South Africa (UNISA), South Africa
  • PhD (2015), Mathematics Education, HBCSE, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Deemed University
  • MSc (2002), Mathematics, University of Pune
  • BSc (1999), Mathematics (Honours), Patna University

    Ruchi Kumar

    Co -Lead & Assistant Professor, Centre for Education, Innovation & Action Research, TISS 

    My research interests lie in analyzing the interaction between teachers’ beliefs, knowledge and practices, and in the role of communities in teachers’ learning. I have taught and designed courses for teachers and have six years of teaching experience at the school level. At CLIx, I am engaged in brainstorming for the student modules and in anchoring the Teacher Professional Development module for Mathematics.

    • Ph.D (pursuing), Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. In-service professional development of mathematics teachers.
    • M.Ed (2006), Central Institute of Education, Delhi University. Science Education and Educational Technology.
    • Diploma (2002), CMC Limited. Software Technology.
    • M.Sc (2000), Dept. of Botany, Delhi University. Crop Genetics and Economic Botany.
    • B.Ed (1998), Central Institute of Education, Delhi University. Biology and Chemistry Teaching.
    • B.Sc (1997), Miranda House, Delhi University. Botany.

    Jeenath Rahaman

    Research Associate, Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE), TISS

    My ongoing Ph.D research explores students’ conceptions of area measurement. As a part of the Maths team in CLIx, I have been analysing worksheets and interview data and conducting field trials of the lessons developed by the team.

    • Ph.D (pursuing), Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Mathematics Education and Cognition.
    • M. Sc (2009), Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur. Applied Mathematics.
    • B. Sc (2007), University of North Bengal. Mathematics.

      Secondary Members

      Bindu Thirumalai

      Assistant Professor & RTICT Program Coordinator, Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE), TISS

      I worked on conceptualising RTICT, designing and managing teacher communities of practice and close coordination with CLIx states to implement TPD. I am currently coordinating the RTICT teacher professional development programme. My research interests are in teacher education and teacher communities of practice. My role in CLIx included strategic coordination of the overall curriculum development effort. I was also an active contributor to curriculum development and research in the areas of Mathematics and i2C.

      • Ph.D. (current), Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad. Teacher Education.
      • M.Phil. (2015), Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad. Education.
      • MA (2011), Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Education (Elementary).
      • MCA (Master of Computer Applications, 1996), Bangalore University.

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