Ruchi Kumar

My research interests lie in analyzing the interaction between teachers’ beliefs, knowledge and practices, and in the role of communities in teachers’ learning. I have taught and designed courses for teachers and have six years of teaching experience at the school level. At CLIx, I am engaged in brainstorming for the student modules and in anchoring the Teacher Professional Development module for Mathematics.

  • Ph.D (pursuing), Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. In-service professional development of mathematics teachers.
  • M.Ed (2006), Central Institute of Education, Delhi University. Science Education and Educational Technology.
  • Diploma (2002), CMC Limited. Software Technology.
  • M.Sc (2000), Dept. of Botany, Delhi University. Crop Genetics and Economic Botany.
  • B.Ed (1998), Central Institute of Education, Delhi University. Biology and Chemistry Teaching.
  • B.Sc (1997), Miranda House, Delhi University. Botany.
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