Tech Workshop for CLIx Platform 2018 Installation in Mizoram (07.06.2018-14.06.2018)

The CLIx team and developers put in great efforts to create the CLIx platform 2018, gathering feedback and experiences from all the CLIx entities — students, teachers, CLIx field and non-field team members and other contributors and continuously working on accommodating requirements and making them available as features. The targeted places were CLIx intervention school labs, where the older platform was running. Apart from being a well-moulted platform with a number of new functionalities, this time platform installation will be done on an operating system with GUI. The CLIx Mumbai tech team (Kedar, Mrunal, Satej, Saurabh) went to Mizoram for the tech workshop about the installation of CLIx platform 2018 and lab readiness between 07.06.2018 to 14.06.2018.

We started on the first day with knowledge transfer to the CLIx Mizoram team (Lalmuanawma, Lalremkima, Robert) about the installation process, data syncing tool, platform features, a checklist for lab readiness. Then all the participants tried installation on their own with the new installer. On the second day, participants formed into three groups and went to different schools. This being the first time with the  Ubuntu OS and installer in the school lab, we faced some real technical challenges. Of course, we welcomed those challenges and overcame them, gaining new learnings in the process. We managed to cover four schools despite these technical challenges. 

Setting up LAN, machines and making lab ready for rollout.

On the third day, we gave the three newly joined CLIx Mizoram team members (Lalhriatpuia, David, Vlramdinsanga) a basic understanding of the school labs set up and our roles as CLIx team members. Then we did the installation and lab setup along with them in one school.

Debugging and testing the final setup

On the fourth day, we went to different schools in three groups. The new challenge this time was incessant rain that led the Mizoram government to announce a school holiday as a precaution. We still managed to cover two schools, but we utilised that day to analyse one browser issue for site certificate and discussed lab readiness. The next day was declared a holiday too. We put this time into the reflection on the lab setup in the office and hands-on practice for the newly joined colleagues. We managed to set up two school server machines that were available in the office. Also, we came up with the solution to the certificate issue in one of the browsers, which was a big achievement in terms of efforts required and learning. On the last day of the visit, we visited six schools to install the new platform and prepare the labs for the rollout. At the end of the day, we revised all the processes and planned further lab readiness processes.

Overall, this Mizoram visit was full of challenges, new learnings, achievements and team spirit and hard work. A ‘thank-you’ to the CLIx Mizoram team for their efforts despite the adverse conditions and challenges and best wishes for future work.

Satej Shende, Technology Manager, Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research, TISS

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