Rajasthan Teacher Educator Training (21.05.2018-02.06.2018)

For capacity building of resource group of CLIx program in the state one day introductory workshop were held on 16,17 and 18 May and this was followed by six days subject wise orientation of Teacher Educators (TE). In the initial one day subject wise introductory workshop we explored the potential each and every person participated in the meeting. Selection of participants was done by the state. In the 6 day orientation workshop initial two days were for Digital Literacy (DL) and remaining four days for orientation of the subject. In the DL aim was to make them compatible in operating computers and deal with CLIx modules. TEs were oriented with different ICT tools in DL sessions i.e. Geogebra for maths, Inkscape for English and Spreadsheet and Mind Map for Science teacher educators. In subject based training the teacher educators were oriented on CLIx modules which teachers have to transact with children in CLIx school. Every day sufficient time was allotted for practice of teacher educators, they worked in groups, prepared presentations of their work and explain in groups. Resource persons helped them as and when required. There were sessions on hands on activities, role-play and exposure visit as per requirement of subject. Overall training went well. Feedbacks of teacher educators indicated that they have enjoyed this training. Resource persons present in the orientation were from TISS. In the training state officials visited and encourage and motivate teacher educators.


Practice session on CLIx platform


Exposure visit to Jantar Mantar, Jaipur to understand Astronomy


Visit of State officials Ms. Tulika Saini (DC) and Mr Mahendra Gupta (DD) during teacher training


 Jai B. Singh Kachhawa, Project Associate, Implementation team, CLIx             


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