Science Face-to-Face Training, Sirohi (23.09.17)

To enable teachers to effectively implement the CLIx science modules in schools, a one-day training programme was organised in Sirohi, Rajasthan, on 23 September 2017. This training was conducted for the teachers who had missed the earlier July batch. Out of 11 teachers, 8 teachers could attend the second training.

As the original three-day training programme had to be squeezed into one day for this training, we decided to give all available time to exploring the Motion module on the platform. With patience and interest, teachers explored the different features of the module, such as digital tools, game and videos. As there were fewer participants than in other batches, the facilitators were able to spend more time with every teacher to ensure that they would leave the training centre confident of being able to use the module in their respective schools.

We had earlier visited a few schools for the student module rollout and realised that there was a need to spend considerable time in discussing the purpose of ‘Lesson 2 Riddles of Motion’ in the module. Therefore, in this training, we watched the videos in this lesson together with the participants and discussed in detail the questions and concepts that emerge from this lesson. It was interesting to see participation from all the teachers. They engaged in discussion to understand many concepts such as the role of the observer, reference point, distance, time and relative motion.

When asked how and when they would implement the module in their schools, teachers were honest and shared the challenges that they faced in their everyday routine in school:lack of electricity, lack of sufficient functional computers, lack of time to implement any module that requires more than classroom teaching. Even though we understand the challenges, we are hopeful that we will see the rollout of the module in at least a few of the schools in Sirohi district.

(Pallavi Seth, Project Manager, Science team, CLIx)

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