Implementation Support in Mizoram (02.10.17 – 14.10.17)

I visited Mizoram, the land of hills, yet again in 2–14 October 2017— this time to continue support for student module roll-outs, understand possible glitches, help prepare a plan to overcome these glitches and facilitate teachers’ course participation.

My first trip to Mizoram had given me a glimpse of how the schools function there. The students are generally interested in sports and music and are good at English too. During this visit, I went to seven schools altogether to check the roll-out status and help facilitate roll-outs.

In all the schools my team visited, the B.Ed students were also teaching as a part of their internship. The School teachers who were still not quite confident of using the computers, now have these interns  too to help out in initial stages.

Students of Bawnkawn High School playing the game Police Squad

Ramhlun South High School has been doing very well all along. The English and Science teachers in the school are very active. There was a clear improvement since my August visit in students’ pace and comfort of learning and using the CLIx platform. Students predominantly enjoy activities like Let’s Talk, Story Time and other audio and video based activities. Students also help one another out to complete the lessons and units.

Similarly, Central High School teachers and students are very enthusiastic about implementing CLIx in their schools. Although the students are very enthusiastic, due to insufficient computers, they do not get enough time at a computer. Students take turns in learning the lessons and help one another out.

During the maths roll-out, students of Bawnkawn High School were so engrossed in playing the Police Squad game that they did not notice the bell go and sat longer to pass more levels. Students who progressed quickly took time out to teach the others how to play each level of the game.

Students of Pianghliea School during the Health and Disease module roll-out

My visit also resulted in a weekly school visit planner for the CLIx field team. The planner shows all the schools categorised according to module implementation status and the specified action plans for each.

(Sahana V.P., Field Action Research Fellow (Junior), Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research, TISS)


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