‘Personalised Mastery Based Learning’ talk by Salman Khan (Khan Academy)

Mr Salman Khan (Founder, Khan Academy) was invited by the Centre for Education, Innovation & Action Research (CEI&AR), TISS, to give a talk on ‘Personalised Mastery-Based Learning’. On 7 Dec 2015, Mr Khan addressed the CEI&AR team, followed by the talk for a larger audience.

The Khan Academy offers a personalised learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace, both inside and outside the classroom. The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) project is an initiative that incorporates thoughtful pedagogical design and contemporary technology to provide quality educational content to high school students from under-served communities in India.

The interaction between representatives of these two approaches offered insights into how each might draw from the other’s understanding of the technological and pedagogical aspects involved.

An exchange of ideas (via presentations) also brought to light the dynamics of scale that become necessary for the sustainability of these interventions.

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