JpegDASTAAN  will seek to understand the adolescent teenagers’ world(s) through a series of tools developed and designed by the English CLIx Team. The process seeks to capture background data on teenagers, including linguistic backgrounds, home environment, their likes and dislikes, interests, everyday lives and ambitions. This data will help better formulate the CLIx English Course that aims to develop authentic material to teach English usage to students of 8th,9th, and 11th standards in Government schools.

There are significant gaps in our understanding of what and how adolescents think in different Indian states and the differences in their experiences in urban versus rural areas even within the states based on diverse backgrounds. We need to understand better what drives the adolescent in various states of India, what enables their development and what pedagogic approaches, curriculum design, content creation and selection, delivery mechanisms and assessment and feedback tools could enhance English language acquisition (focusing on Listening to and Speaking in English) within this age group.

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