Digital Literacy: Connecting Schools to Schools

In the midst of the summer break, our army of implementation, technical and hardware representatives inaugurated the ‘most prestigious’ school computer labs of Telangana.

Enthusiastic about setting up the labs with CLIx courses, we started dusting the machines and organizing them. A few curious boys and girls volunteered to help us, amused to be witnessing computers being engineered. Out of the 24 schools in 3 districts that we visited, we successfully set up the labs and platform installations in 21 schools.

In the process, the reality seeped into me and made me think that I was contributing to raising the bar in education, contributing to every pair of sparkly eyes that gazed at us in the aspiration to be like us.

The CLIx platform is an initiative to reach out to the schools of Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana. Slowly, we are getting there. We have come a long way. The ideas are taking shape with the development of the CLIx platform. Geeking at the black screen to create colourful UI designs and flood them with content makes us feel proud even when working at our office in Mumbai, but field visits always make us think of what more should be done to get the students immersed in CLIx!

Once at least 50% of the students served are happy using the platform, we can proudly say:

We CLIxed with them.

We contributed to digital India.

I contributed to digital India.

                                                           The Team@Telangana

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,’ said Nelson Mandela. We hope to do our bit to change our country.

(Prachi Bhatia, Senior Software Engineer, Technology team, CLIx)