When each one, taught one !

Through CLIx, we train teachers in the methods to maintain computer labs. During this work, I wondered why we train only teachers when we can train the students too.

We selected four active students from each class. We expected that these four students would train other students later. I help the selected students learn the following:

Maintaining the computer lab and tackle the non-technical as well as the technical problems
– Helping classmates and teachers
– The processes of the server, the system and the lab in detail
– Connecting external devices, LAN cable, monitor
– Checking the functioning of the devices
– Identifying the network model in the school and how connectivity is implemented
– Logging into the platform, navigating the different modules

I planned the training in such a way that the selected students would be able to perform these activities and help other students learn in an appropriate manner. This experience would be unforgettable for students as well as for us.

                              Students patiently learning the technical aspects of lab maintenance

We observe that this approach to maintaining computer labs in schools would be a great success if teachers in other school adopt this initiative. It empowers students and prepares them for their future by imparting leadership as well as technical skills.

Here are a few student responses to the lab maintenance training.

Student A: Srilatha
I am so excited to learn tasks like CLIx time and word play. Creating images by drag and drop is so cool. I would like to learn things by exploring. I want to learn more through the CLIx module and teach others via computer aided assistance.

Student B: Sirisha
I am in the 9th grade. I see a lot of improvement in difficult subjects like grammar and science.

Also, learning looks very easy and simple with CLIx. For example, terms like obtuse, acute, hypotenuse are easy to understand with hands-on drawing in the GeoGebra application.

Student C: Srilatha

This is my first interaction with a computer. Earlier, a computer was an alien and scary thing to me. The CLIx team is very patient in teaching beginners everything right from the basics. I feel it has opened a new world to me. I can’t thank the CLIx team enough for this continued support to our school.

Student D: Madireddy

My learning with CLIx starts right from voice recording, auto completion of sentences using correct grammar. Now I want to be a volunteer and help other students experience what I have learned.

– Santhosh Miryala
  Field Technologist

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