Values and Life Skills Education in Adolescence (22.11.17 -23.11.17)

Are stories the best medium for values education? What are the other interesting ways to present values? What are the issues faced by adolescents, especially in rural areas? Are we on the right track in the way we impart values education? What do we do next? These are the issues we discussed during a three-day workshop on understanding values and life skills education in the context of adolescence which took place on 22-23rd November at RVEC, Bengaluru.

Engrossed in discussion

The CLIx values and life skills team believes that short stories, fables and situation-specific moral dilemmas are a good way to present values education to students. These formatscarry a message for students in an indirect and thought-provoking manner thatis not preachy. We organised a three-day workshop to reflect on our approach to and the content related to values education. Experts and resource persons from the fields of values education, pedagogy, psychology and education attended the event.

On the first day, the CLIx team discussed our approaches to learning and invited feedback from the experts. We got valuable insights from them about our content and also about the many other methods we could use for imparting values education through the CLIx platform. Simantini Dhuru from Avehi-Abacus shared her experiences of working with schools in Mumbai. Disha Nawani gave her expert comments on our content and methodology. The afternoon session focussed on story-writing in groups. It was interesting to see participants from various walks of life bonding with each other, sharing their thoughts and experiences to come up with a short story or scenario.

Day 2 was more about understanding adolescence and the issues of adolescents and identifying content that would interest this audience. Prachi Kalra shared her experiences of using stories with children and also narrated some interesting fables. This was followed by the hugely successful individual story-writing session. The variety of ideas put forward was worth appreciating. The suggestion by Mizoram participants regarding the importance of national and regional integration struck a chord with everyone.

Walk the talk in Lalbagh

The concluding day began with ‘walk the talk’ at Lalbaug. A short walk in the garden while discussing the future course of action provided a refreshing break from conference room discussions and was good for our lungs too!

Our batteries are fully charged with all the great ideas that came up during the workshop and content development is in full swing.

Preeti Purohit, Consultant, Values and Life Skills Team, CLIx