Transitioning from Print to Digital: Science Authoring Workshop

The authoring workshop conducted by the CLIx technology team on 16–17 March gave an opportunity to the Science Team at Eklavya, Bhopal, to understand the nitty-gritty of working on a student delivery platform.

The participants spent the first few hours on the first day of the workshop in learning about the different features of the authoring platform, such as Assets (images, video, audio and pdf files), Activities, Lessons, Assessments and Notebook. As it was an interactive session, participants’ doubts were cleared by the facilitators on the spot.It gave the facilitators (who are also the developers of the platform) an insight into various ways to further improve the tool.

In the post-lunch session,participants got hands-on experience of the tool by authoring the content that was already developed in the print form. Participants formed groups and started working on authoring the content on the lesson ‘Motion’.This authoring exercise gave the participants an opportunity to explore the authoring tool on their own and familiarise themselves with it.

Participants attending the Science Authoring Workshop

On the second day of the workshop, a quick recap of the previous day’s session was made all the more enjoyable by some mouth-watering snacks. After that, participants resumed the hands-on exercise to complete authoring their allocated modules.

To conclude the workshop, each group presented their work to all participants.This gave another chance to the entire team to seek further clarifications about the tool.

By the end of the workshop,the detailed and patient explanations provided by the facilitators and the simplicity of the authoring tool made the participants confident of being able to use it.With the Science Team now armed with this tool, interactive and engaging digital content for students is on its way!

(Pallavi Seth, Program Manager, CLIx Science Team, Eklavya, Bhopal)

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