TPD – Implementation Workshop (27th – 30th January 2016)

A joint TPD- Implementation workshop for CLIx was held at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) from 27th January- 30th January in Mumbai. The workshop was held with the twin objective of integrating TPD more closely with the student modules made by curricular domains teams as well as building awareness of field reality at the implementation sites in different states.

Around 70 people participated in the workshop from the CLIx team, collaborating agencies such as HBCSE, MIT, implementation partners in states, advisory board members from SCERT and state officials from RMSA from the different states. The deliberations in the workshop focused on discussing the infrastructure requirements as well as expectations for TPD in different states considering the field reality.

There was discussion on exemplars of large scale models for TPD which have used technology for developing communities of practice among teachers by MIT and ′IT for Change′. The essential design elements of the framework for CLIx TPD were shared and brainstorming on designs of TPD models in consultation with curriculum teams as well as implementation partners was undertaken. A report on the workshop has been made using notes of the workshop discussions to arrive at the action points for future TPD work in CLIx.

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