The CLIx Communications Internship

As part of my MBA course, I did my summer internship at the Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) Project, working with the Communications Team there for a period of 14 weeks.

I got to work on various aspects of CLIx Communications. It was an amazing experience coordinating with the different CLIx domains on the tasks assigned to me. As I became better acquainted with the friendly and warm work culture at CLIx, I also learned a great deal about professionalism and work ethics.

The Communications team gave me a lot to take away: striving for perfection in every task done; respect for the smallest task assigned; and the ability to multi-task. Working on the CLIx website gave me a good understanding of how websites work, and helped me add another skill to my skill set.

It was a truly rewarding internship because, alongside the professional skills I developed, I also had the freedom to take my own decisions while carrying out my assigned tasks, which helped me become more confident and independent, and enabled me to approach my work with a positive attitude.

I was the first intern at the project, and my most memorable moments were when my seniors called me indispensable to the project, and when they took me out for lunch at the end of my tenure. A strict yet extremely supportive mentor, a few amazing friends, some great professionals to take inspiration from, and the beautiful environment at the TISS campus – what more could an intern ask for!

Ami Pandya

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