Technology Workshop Mizoram (25.04.17 – 29.04.17)

Summer took a break in Mizoram when dark clouds drifted over the state to give it cooler days. With lightning, thunder and a victorious Aizawl Football Club performance, the Government High Schools reopened for the new academic year  2017-18. This also marked the beginning of the rollout of CLIx modules for the second consecutive year. We begin year two by carrying forward from our learnings in year one and revising and improving our tools and methods. In particular, we are now employing a unified platform, the Next Generation CLIx Platform, to deliver the modules to students in the school.

The development of the new CLIx Platform began with the technology workshop in December 2016. After many sleepless nights and tremendous effort by the developers, the platform and the modules are ready to be tested in the real world. This involves orienting the field teams to the new platform and installation and troubleshooting at schools. This was done at a four-day workshop during 25–29 April 2017,which was attended by many members of the CLIx Technology Group, including developers, and the enthusiastic Mizoram Implementation Team.

The field team was receptive and quick to give feedback on last minute fixes to the platform. In addition to orientation to the new platform, the teams were oriented to the issue tracker and the Implementation Monitoring Tool  to ensure smoother implementation of the modules.

Soon, over 2000 Standard 9 students in Mizoram will be experiencing new learning techniques introduced to them through CLIx. Meanwhile, the development teams continue to prepare the platform and content to be delivered in Hindi and Telugu in the other CLIx states of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana.

(Ashwin Nagappa, Lead Technologist and Team co-lead, Technology Team, CLIx)


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