Tech Team’s Visit to Jaipur (04.12.17 – 09.12.17)

This blog outlines the tech team’s field visit to Jaipur from 4 to 9 December 2017. Our team of four went to Jaipur to observe CLIx classes to understand how easy (or not) the CLIx platform is for students and teachers. We went into the field with a clear vision of what to observe in the CLIx classes and what to ask the students and teachers with the aim to offer a better user experience.

We saw that students were able to work on computers on their own to the extent of logging in and adding buddies, and a few students were also aware of how to start the CLIx server. These students accessed the content and tools on the platform in Hindi most of the times and were enjoying themselves working with buddies. They especially enjoyed Hindi typing, getting feedback from their friends, playing games, listening to videos and recording their voices and listening to them.

Discussions amongst students sitting at different desktops is a positive impact of the CLIx initiative and is not a regular feature of traditional classrooms. Students we observed were also looking forward to the addition of modules in social studies and Sanskrit as part of CLIx. Most students were very interested in continuing in CLIx classes in their next academic year and were keen on accessing CLIx modules on smartphones that are easily available to them at home.


CLIx Technology team interacting with students

We randomly selected some students for interview. Three out of every four students interviewed reported having interacted with computers for the first time through CLIx. This fact, though trivial in itself, is a significant indicator of the reach of the initiative.

Seeing the impact of CLIx and gaining deeper insights into areas of improvement increased our enthusiasm as we wrapped our visit to the pink city.

K.R.D. Keerthi, Assistant Project Manager, Technology Team, CLIx

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