Teacher Educator Training Workshop, Hyderabad (30.03.17 – 03.04.17)

The teacher educator workshop was conducted from 30 March 2017 to 3 April 2017 at IASE,  Hyderabad. It was the first workshop conducted by CLIx to introduce the certificate course for teachers as a part of CLIx implementation. The workshop was conducted by Meera, Bindu and Amina from the TPD team and attended by 55 teacher educators. Logistical support was provided by Hemant and Prem of the Telangana team. Besides ensuring that the lab was fully functional, the team also arranged for a cooler in the room to help the teacher participants beat the heat.

The certificate course started with fundamental concepts such as creating email accounts and logging on to the ed-ex platform. It then covered tools such as spreadsheets, inkscape and mind maps. The teachers were very enthusiastic about participation in the workshop and wanted more time to practice the tools. There was also considerable emphasis on helping teachers understand the idea of ‘pedagogic pillars’ and getting them to envision how they will integrate technology and content in their classrooms. At the conclusion of the workshop, the teachers were given handouts of important material in hard copy, all the workshop material in soft copy and installation files for the software. They expressed a keen desire to try out these tools and techniques in their own schools.

(Prem Sagar Raju, Field Action Research Fellow and Hemant Nebhani, Field Technologist, Telangana Implementation team, CLIx)

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