Reflections by a Teacher on CLIx Training (09.08.17- 11.08.17)

I have come across many kinds of teacher trainings. But the CLIx training was quite different from the rest. It provided elements of instruction that are important for learning and motivation among teachers and students. There was  lot of collaboration among teachers during the training. The participants exchanged ideas with regard to the new modules and the teacher course that has been launched.

The programme also enabled us as teachers, to experience the use of technology for learning and helped in developing digital literacy skills in the process. It encouraged teachers to share lesson plans and to engage in classroom discussions. Teachers shared their problems and the issues they face in the classroom and discussed ways of solving them.

Teachers having a discussion on the modules

We had a wonderful opportunity to take part in face-to-face workshop and meet fellow teachers from around the state. We enrolled in the online certificate courses and participated in the workshop despite our busy schedules. During the workshop, effort was made to make us participate and share our rich experiences. CLIx is providing high quality open curriculum modules for students in maths, science and English. They are also doing wonders promoting such courses in four states.

Children find the student modules exciting, which I appreciate as a teacher. They become enthusiastic about learning with technology. Some topics in the module make them more confident about using English. They are thrilled to hear their recorded voices. It is encouraging for students when they are able to advance to higher levels. They also compete with their fellows.

Some experiences during the trainings were disheartening, such as having a limited number of computers for students to learn. The facilities that the state government has provided in the computer labs do not meet the demand of all the enthusiastic students and of the active and well-prepared teachers.

Also, the school schedule is quite hectic with term exams and breaks. We have to draw students’ attention to these tests. More time and regular exposure are needed for students to gain any benefit of the CLIx programme.

 (Zorinpuii, English Teacher, Government Mizo High School, Mizoram)

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