Physical Science Face-to-Face Workshop at Rangareddy (05.10.17 – 11.10.17)

The three-day face-to-face training for physical science teachers was conducted in Rangareddy at two centres, Masab Tank and Vikarabad, from 5 to 11 October 2017. The training was attended by an average 35 teachers at each centre. At both centres, three physical science modules, Motion, Sound and Atomic Structure, were discussed in detail with the participants.

Group discussion at masab tank

The response that we, the facilitators, received from our participants varied at the two centres. The participants at Vikarabad were very enthusiastic and responsive, but the participants at Masab Tank left us quite puzzled with their silence!­­However, there were a few teachers in the latter centre who helped us as interpreters to conduct the training. With their constant support and motivation to the teachers, all participants started to open up and share their thoughts with others.

Like workshops conducted at previous centres, in this workshop too, sufficient time was given to participants to explore the modules on the computer and become familiar with the computer andthe content and approach of the module. So far, we have received a very positive response from participants regarding the content and the various digital tools that are a part of these modules. Mostof our participants have thoroughly enjoyed the simulations in the Atomic Structure module. The unanimous feedback has been that, with the help of these simulations, the abstract concepts of atomic structure will become easier for students to visualise.

Rolling Ball Experiment in motion module

In Vikarabad training, we observed that female participants were more active in sharing their opinions in large groups. They also pitched in and helped us to explain concepts to other participants in the workshop.

Although the points of concern were the same in this workshop as in previous ones—infrastructure facilities and time-management—the participants were very happy to be a part of such a training programme. We look forward to a few of these participants implementing the modules in their schools and joining us as facilitators in upcoming trainings. 

Pallavi Seth, Project Manager, Science Team, CLIx