Orientation, Rajasthan: Baseline Study Data Collection

A two-day workshop on data collection for the Baseline Study was conducted by CLIx Research on 11-12 July 2016 in Jaipur. All Field Support Persons (FSPs) assigned to CLIx intervention schools in Jaipur and Sirohi were present, along with the CLIx Field Technologist and Project Co-ordinator. The primary focus was on helping participants understand the six new tools to be used for data collection – the Student General Questionnaire, Student Learning Assessment Tool, Classroom Observation Tool, School Information Schedule, Principal Survey Tool, and Officials Survey Tool.

The workshop had three segments. The first gave participants an opportunity to read, discuss, and clarify any doubts regarding the questions in every tool. It also provided detailed instructions on how each tool would be administered, and things to be kept in mind – such as the necessity of carrying a diary to take detailed notes during classroom observation, or how to use the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheets.

The second segment involved downloading the digitised forms to be taken to the schools for administering. The team split into five groups that visited six schools in Jaipur district and administered the Classroom Observation, Principal Survey, and School Information Schedule Tools.. Heavy rains failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the teams.

The third segment of the workshop was a de-briefing session, with all groups sharing their experiences during data collection, and resolving doubts and questions. The whole team went through the checklist of preparatory activities, and did an exercise in micro-planning how best they could complete administering the tools in the course of two or three school visits.

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