Orientation on Midline-2 Survey in Jaipur (12.02.18)

The CLIx Research Team is conducting the Midline-2 survey in Rajasthan from 14 February 2018. The survey will covera sample of 40 treatment schools and 12 control schools from Jaipur and Sirohi. This blog summarises the orientation session held on 12 February 2018 in Jaipur for the field resource coordinators (FRCs) to train them for data collection.

FRCs going through the instruction manual for the Midline-2 Survey in Jaipur

A training workshop on data collection for the Midline-2 survey was conducted on 12 February 2018 in Jaipur. All the 10 field resource coordinators (FRCs) from Jaipur and Sirohi were present. Project Associate Jai Singh Kachhawa and Rajasthan implementation lead Nagendra Nagpal also attended the session and provided their support for planning the survey. The orientation was conducted by Anusha Gajinkar and Ananya Chatterji from the Research team. They first talked about the purpose of conducting the Midline survey and the criteria for sampling the schools. Survey tools were introduced and how to administer them was explained.

The instruction manual and practice copies of student questionnaires and OMR (optical mark recognition) sheets were distributed. Two FRCs have newly joined and hence received detailed step-by-step instructions to conduct the survey, especially how to administerthe survey and instruct students to use the OMR sheets. All the FRCs were asked to download the English Listening and Speaking tool and teacher and principal tools on the ODK (Open Source Tool) application on their Android devices (personal mobiles or tablets given by CLIx). This provided the opportunity to go through all the tools during the orientation. Since they are already using ODK for filling up the IMT (Intervention Monitoring Tool), there was no need to orient them on using this application.

FRCs practising student sampling with an example

A major part of the session was spent on understanding the sampling process for students. Some of the FRCs were asked to individually explain their understanding of sampling by using student sizes from schools that they have been assigned to visit for data collection. Orientation was over by lunchtime. After lunch, there was a discussion on planning the school visits by each team. The student tools, OMR sheets and other material required for the survey were distributed toall the teams.

The FRCs were confident of being able to administer the survey by the end of the day and they wished each other good luck for the exercise.

Ananya Chatterji, Junior Research Associate and Anusha Gajinkar, Research Assistant, Research Team

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