Observation and Feedback from Production in Mizoram (23.10.17 – 03.11.17)

Exposing students to media is a direct consequence of integrating technology into their classroom. The production team at CLIx works with the domain teams to shape this media in the most meaningful and accessible way. We also document the project as it unfolds and bring back stories from the field to share with the rest of the world.

The production team visited Mizoram between the 24th October and November 2nd. This visit was an opportunity for us to document the progress made by teachers, students and our team there and to understand how students respond to the variety of content we have created in the past year and more.

Over the course of a week and a half, we engaged in a variety of tasks with the above mentioned outcomes in mind.

We had the opportunity to visit a few schools in Aizwal district, for example, Rahmlun South High School, Hrangchuana High School, Durtalang High School and Gorkha High School. We spoke to students, teachers and headmasters/headmistresses. We documented what the teachers and students in these schools think and feel about the CLIx modules. Most of the responses were positive, except the laments of the teachers for more time.

Some students prefer learning on the computer

While assisting the English team with the media component of their research, we were able to get a close look at how students approach learning with CLIx and their proclivities for learning on the computer. Many students find CLIx classes as a break from their daily routine. Some prefer learning on the computer and are really taking to learning through communicating and collaborating.

This was a productive visit where we got to document the responses of teachers and students and began to understand what inspires students and teachers to continue working with us.

And, of course, there is the joy of watching students pore over the games, videos and activities that we were a part of creating.

Gitanjali Somanathan, Senior Production Associate and Shiva Thorat, Assistant Media Producer, Production Team

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