Mathematics Module Rollout in Chhattisgarh

Connected Learning Initiative is working with government schools in Chhattisgarh. The mathematics module ‘Geometric Reasoning’ was rolled out in January 2017. I spent 12 days in the field to observe and support the implementation along with the Chhattisgarh implementation team. I understood the school processes and some challenges of implementation.

Students playing Police Quad game

The students were enthusiastic about the module and were engaged in exploring Turtle Logo and playing the Police Quad game. They also discussed their ideas with peers.In a few schools, the CLIx team had one-to-one interactions with teachers to explain the modules and demonstrate how to conduct a CLIx-maths class. The schools had decided on their strategies for including the CLIx module in the school timetable. In these schools, while a few students were in the computer lab exploring the module, other students were studying in the classroom, visiting libraries or playing on the ground. It is interesting to note that many areas of the school were utilised optimally because of this planning.

Students performing Turtle Logo activity

A few teachers said that the math module was well-designed, and tried to discuss basic concepts in geometry with students. Teachers expressed concern about the time of implementation, mentioning that the Class 10 and Class 9 exams were advanced to February and so they would be busy completing their syllabus. However, other voices said that they would engage with the module more after the examinations and implement it better in the next academic year.

Talking to the students, teachers and the field team was an educational experience for me. I can never  forget one student’s question: “What, according to you, are the aims of education? (Aap ko kya lagta hai, shiksha ke uddesh kya hai?)”

(Arati Bapat, Research Assistant, Mathematics Team, Connected Learning Initiative)

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