Integrating Content with the Digital Platform: Facilitating Interactive Learning

CLIx is developing a digital learning platform to present subject modules to students. The platform is being developed by the CLIX technology team at Gnowledge Lab, HBCSE, with assessment tools from MIT, USA.

A workshop was conducted at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai, on 6–7 March, 2017 to teach domain teams how to author content on the CLIx platform. G. Nagarjuna and his team at HBCSE conducted the workshop. The CLIx English, Production, Maths and Astronomy teams participated, with Padmini Sampath, Product Manager, CLIx Platform and Interactives, and Ramjee Swaminathan, Chief Technology Officer, handling the practical details.

The first day’s session introduced the CLIx platform, changes from earlier versions and then described the platform features in detail. Participants were grouped into teams for a hands-on experience of authoring. Participants learnt how to put the content on the platform by adding assets (audio, video, images), interactive tools (simulations, games) and assessments. A demo presentation was given by Kirky DeLong from MIT over the Webex call to show details of assessment authoring tools.

A mind map of the CLIx platform

The CLIx platform technology team made sure that all participants were able to do the authoring with ease. A few errors were found in the platform, of which some were resolved on the spot and the more difficult ones would be resolved soon. At the end of the workshop, each team presented the module they had authored on the platform. The teams discussed the positive and negative points of the platform. The CLIx platform technology team promised to resolve all the queries in a week.

Before the workshop, I had felt that it would be very difficult to learn the whole platform in just two days. But when I started working on it, I did it with such ease that I finished authoring one complete unit of astronomy in just a day. I was excited to see how the astronomy module would look on the platform and happy to see the first version of the module after authoring.

(Sheetal, Vinod Raina Fellow, Science team, CLIx with inputs from Sadaqat Mulla, Project Manager, Platform and Tools, CLIx)

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