Cluster-Level Orientation of Teachers, Jaipur (12.05.17 – 20.05.17)

For the teachers participating in the CLIx programme in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a cluster-level two-day orientation was held from 12 May to 20 May 2017. Of the 152 teachers invited, 125 attended the orientation. For the orientation, schools that are part of the CLIx programme were grouped into seven clusters and one school from each cluster was selected as the cluster centre. Teachers attended orientations at the cluster centre closest to their schools. Two orientation camps were held in the computer labs of the CLIx programme in Centre for Education Research and Practice, Jaipur. Field Support Persons (FSP), Field Technologist, two local Teacher Educators and Project Associate all served as the resource group for the orientation.

Hands on practice during training

The FSPs of Sirohi district were associated withthe orientation and supported the FSPs of Jaipur district. The training session started with formal introductions followed by a film on the activities of CLIx, Rajasthan. Events of the first day included an introduction to the certificate course followed by internet and email activities, registration on Edx course platform and telegram. One full day’s session on spreadsheets was appreciated by all teachers, and they are now confident of preparing digital marksheets. The next day, teachers were engaged in mind map and inkscapeactivities. It was indeed a pleasure for the resource group to seetheir creativity in the digital world. At the end, feedback was gathered from participants regarding their experiences and the usefulness of the training. Overall, the arrangement worked well, the resource group did excellent work and each teacher received complete attention.

(Dr Jai B. Singh, Project Associate, Rajasthan Implementation Team-CERP, CLIx)

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