CLIx Mathematics Teachers workshop (09.08.17-11.09.17)

A three-day mathematics teachers’ workshop was organized in Sirohi, Rajasthan, from 9 to 11 August 2017. The workshop introduced teachers to the CLIx mathematics student modules and the course ‘Reflective Mathematics Teaching’. The course has been designed to support teachers in their professional development. On the first day of the workshop, teachers were introduced to different units in the course. They then familiarized themselves with the activities in two of the CLIx mathematics modules prepared for students: Geometric Reasoning and Proportional Reasoning. ‘Police Quad’, a digital game, was presented to the teachers through which they received a lot of hands-on experience. Teachers engaged with activities such as Turtle Logo and Geogebra.

Teachers playing the Police Quad game from the Geometric Reasoning module

The session ‘What are definitions?’ received the intense engagement of teachers. They discussed, debated and deliberated on the definition of a trapezium. After the session, one of the teachers said that if they conducted such discussions in their classrooms, students would develop ‘critical thinking’.

Teachers enjoying the paper folding activity on Tangram

Initially, teachers found it difficult to remember their email addresses and login passwords. They also struggled with Hindi typing. But many of them decided to learn these new things and continued to try and engage.

On the last day of the workshop, a discussion on Implementing student modules in the school was conducted, keeping in mind the support teachers would require to successfully implement the modules in their respective schools.

(Arati Bapat,Research Associate,Mathematics Team)