CLIx Math team attends the Maidan Summit 2016

The Magic Bus Maidan Summit was organised on 13–14 December 2016 at the University of Mumbai’s Kalina campus, Mumbai. Maidan is an annual information-sharing platform where individuals and organisations describe the ways in which the Sport for Development approach is helping society and its emerging potential as a tool for development. The 2016 summit was hosted by the Magic Bus India Foundation, Tata Institute of Social Sciences and the University of Mumbai. The summit theme of ‘Converging Education and Livelihood Spaces Through Scalable Innovation’ intended to explore innovative and scalable models for addressing the challenge of bridging gaps between education and livelihood.

The CLIx team had set up a kiosk at the event where modules in different domains (Mathematics, English, and Science) were exhibited. On the first day of the summit, the CLIx platform and modules were demonstrated in a session led by Professor Ajay Singh. The Maths team presented five units of the Geometric Reasoning module to the audience. The blended mode of learning was showcased in digital activities that use Turtle Blocks and Geogebra and an eclectic mix of hands-on shape modification tasks that use matchsticks and bicycle valves. The audience was guided through four missions of the Police Quad game developed by the Mathematics team. Our module, especially the engaging learning environment of the game, received very positive feedback from the audience. The audience was also impressed by the open-source nature of the CLIx platform.

Apart from organising the kiosk and the demo session, the CLIx team attended three panel discussions featuring eminent scholars and professionals working to bridge gaps between education and employment.

Entertaining stage performances by the University of Mumbai team were the fitting conclusion to this successful event.

(Saurabh Khanna, Research Associate, Math team, CLIx)

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