Chhattisgarh Classrooms Welcome CLIx

We landed at the almost deserted airport of Raipur and had a quiet two-hour drive to Dhamtari where the English modules would be introduced to students of the CLIx schools.We were there to observe and help with the process.

The teachers were eager to implement the CLIx English course. Some had tried out the modules themselves and were confident that they would be effective. Even the teachers who faced technical issues and needed some coaching were hopeful of their students quickly picking up the necessary computer skills. And so it proved to be.

As soon as the students settled down in the lab, they took charge of their mouse devices and began navigating the platform. When they landed on the story, they seemed a bit puzzled. At times, they paused the audio and tried to read the written text. Some said that they needed to hear the story a few more times and didn’t hesitate to replay it. In case of a technical glitch, the ‘computer experts’ in the class helped their fellow students.

As they progressed, students murmured to each other about what they understood of the story. A few struggled to play the video as this was their first exposure to computers. They needed time to grasp the story and worked at their own pace.

We observed how autonomy, self-paced learning and peer-learning played out at different levels. This was a refreshing change from regular classroom practice.

Self-paced learning and peer-learning unfolded in the classroom.

Experiencing the implementation first-hand highlighted the challenges and gave us feedback for future modules and TPD training.



(Lavanya Murali, Research Associate, English team, CLIx)

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