Baseline Survey: Teachers in Rajasthan (3 May – 10 May 2016)

The CLIx Baseline Surveys aim to gather evidence on the current status of knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) around the use of technology for enhancing learning in secondary schools in the selected CLIx districts. The  teacher survey mainly comprises two sets of questionnaires: a general one to garner personal information, and gauge teachers’ beliefs, attitude and practices regarding technology and its use; a subject domain tool that gauges teaches’ specific KAP related to their subjects – Maths,  Science or English.

In Rajasthan, Invitation to Clix (i2c) training for teachers is scheduled to be rolled out in May 2016, during school vacations. Collecting baseline survey information from teachers before they are introduced to i2c is crucial for assessing not only the CLIx roll-out plan, but also for accurately gauging impact a few years down the line. Hence, we decided to carry out the baseline survey in early May, before schools closed for the summer vacation.

Teachers taking the baseline survey

It was planned that the FSPs (Field Support Persons) would interview the Maths, Science and English teachers for the Baseline Survey. A one-day orientation workshop with the FSPs was held at CERP office in Jaipur, facilitated by the Clix Research Team. The sample design was to include 40 percent of all CLIx schools in Rajasthan, which meant selecting 20 schools each in Jaipur and Sirohi.  The sample schools were selected using random number generation, with a greater number of rural schools and fewer urban schools.

The FSPs visited the schools, provided information about the purpose of the survey and then collected information from teachers (both here and earlier in Mizoram , the teachers surveyed signed Participant Consent Forms). Surveys of 12 teachers in 4 schools remain to be done, and will be completed as soon as the schools reopen in late June.

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