Baseline Survey: Teachers in Mizoram (18 April – 2 May 2016)

The CLIx Baseline Surveys aim to gather evidence on the current status of knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) around the use of technology for enhancing learning in secondary schools in the selected CLIx districts. A teacher survey is one of eight tools designed to collect such baseline information. Teachers are key to the implementation of the CLIx offerings in classrooms, and to ensuring innovation diffusion of new pedagogic practices. The CLIx Baseline Survey is also part of a quasi-experimental design for an overall impact evaluation of CLIx offerings.
The  teacher survey mainly comprises two sets of questionnaires: a general one to garner  personal information, and gauge teachers’ beliefs, attitude and practices regarding technology and its use; a subject domain tool that gauges teaches’ specific KAP related to their subjects – Maths,  Science or English.

Teachers taking the baseline survey

In Mizoram, the baseline survey for teachers was conducted in all the 30 CLIx schools. The teachers were surveyed in three batches of two sections each: Batch I (18 April) consisted of mainly Maths teachers; Batch II (26 April) consisted of mainly Science teachers; Batch III (2 May) had predominantly English teachers. All these teachers had gathered for training in i2C (Invitation to Clix), and the surveys were carried out prior to the training, so as to ensure that it did not alter their KAP.

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