Rafikh Shaikh

My research interest is in the area of educational technology in general and the role of computer-mediated collaboration in education in particular. We are comparatively studying two environments, one with computer-mediated group interaction and the other with one-to-one interaction with the computer. We are trying to understand the processes involved in learning in both environments. I’m also interested in approximate number system (ANS) and its connection with formal mathematics. As a part of Science Team at CLIx, I am working on the Basic Astronomy Module. I am helping in revising the student module, collecting and analyzing the data and writing research reports.

  • Ph.D (current), Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Role of Instant Sharing in Learning.
  • M.Sc (2009), Yashwant College, SRTM University, Nanded. Microbiology.
  • B.Sc (2006), Botany, Chemistry from Shivaji College, SRTM University, Parbhani. Microbiology.
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