Detailed Programme – Symposium

Time and *Venue Day 1- August 8
9.00-9.30 am
Venue 1
9.30-10.30 am
Venue 1
Keynote Plenary: Perspectives and Practices in Technology-Enabled Teaching, Learning and Future Directions

Practice based and scholarly perspectives on the future of technology enabled education, setting the agenda for the two days’ engagement
Speakers: RCM Reddy, IL&FS Education ; Victoria L. Tinio, Fit-Ed; Vijay Kumar, MIT
Chair: Padma M Sarangapani, TISS
10.30-11.00 am Tea break
11.00 am -12.30 pm
Venue 1
Plenary 01: Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx): Quality at Scale

Designing and Implementing CLIx across schools in India:  What did it take? Principal Investigators and core team leads of CLIx discuss the developments of the initiative, key findings and learnings since its inception in 2015.
Panelists: Padma M Sarangapani, Ajay K Singh, Amina Charania, TISS; Eric Klopfer, MIT; Tara Sabavala, Tata Trusts; Nagarjuna G., HBCSE
Moderator: Amrita Patwardhan, Tata Trusts
12.30-2.00 pm
Venue 1
Poster Presentations(will continue through lunch break)
1.00-2.00 pm Lunch break
2.00-3.30 pm Parallel Sessions

Venue 1: Conecta Ideas: ICT supported teaching with a social motivation strategy
– Roberto Araya Schulz, University of Chile

IT Training through Spoken Tutorials to Reach the Unreached
– Kannan Moudgalya, IIT Bombay

Academic experts will share insights based on their research on ICT enabled teaching and learning initiatives
Venue 2: Education Reform: Role of Assessments and Technology to improve learning outcomes at scale
– Pranav Kothari, Educational Initiatives

Addressing student learning outcomes through progressively building teacher capacity
– Mona Mathur, Million Sparks

Building a world where every teacher will learn and grow anytime, anywhere at zero cost
– Sarita Sharma, Teacher App

Leaders from these organizations will share key insights and observations based on their work with teachers and students from K-12 schools in India
Venue 3: Continuous Professional Development for Government School Teachers
– Amina Charania, TISS

Online Teacher Communities of Practice
– Bindu Thirumalai, TISS

TISS faculty present experiences and research based findings based on two models of blended learning for practicing teachers
3.30-4.00 pm Tea Break
4.00-5.30 pm
Venue 1
Plenary 02: Teachers’ Voices: Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation of ICT Based Learning
– Odelu Kumar, Teacher Telangana; Shweta Gupta, Teacher, Rajasthan; Jogen Chandra Rajbongshi, Teacher, Assam; Sajid Ansari Hussain, Teacher, West Bengal; Radhakrishnan C, Principal, Kerala
Moderator: Amina Charania, TISS

Teachers representing national initiatives will share their reflections on their ICT based professional development and practice.
5.30-5.35 pm Synthesis of the Day’s Proceedings
– Judith Perry, MIT
5.35-6.30 pm Poster Presentations
7.00 pm onwards
Venue 1 + TISS Guest House (Dinner)
Special Reception:A gathering to recognize CLIx partners’ and teachers’ contribution to the initiative (To be followed by Dinner)
Time Day 2- August 9
9.30-11.00 am
Venue 1
Plenary 03: Policy and Practice in Technology based Education
– Gurumurthy Kasinathan, ITfC; Krishna Barua, Govt. of Assam; Gaurav Dwivedi, Govt. of Chhattisgarh, Pekka Neittaanmäki, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Moderator: Archana Mehendale, TISS

This panel brings together government representatives from India and other contexts to address policy dimensions and their implications for large-scale education initiatives
11.00-11.30 am Tea Break
11.30 am – 12.30 pm Parallel Sessions

Venue 1 : Building Design Capacity: A Model for Developing Teams’ Design Expertise
– Eric Klopfer & Judy Perry, MIT

Presenter will share his experiences, successes and challenges of using a capacity building model with design based approach and participants will participate in a mini-activity.
Venue 2: Implementation Monitoring at Scale: The Good, the Bad, and the Difficult
– Archana Mehendale, TISS & Glenda Stump, MIT

Participants will explore key considerations for implementation monitoring via case studies (examples and non-examples) from developing country contexts.
12.30-1.30 pm
Venue 1
Demo Sessions
1.00-2.00 pm Lunch Break
2.00-3.30 pm Parallel Sessions

Venue 1 : Roundtable: Contemporary approaches to developing partnerships for large scale education initiatives
– Maarit Palo, IBM Finland; Lalbiakdiki Hnamte,Mizoram University; Nirada Devi,Govt. Of Assam, Romen Das, Govt. of Assam; Brandon Muramatsu, MIT; Omkar Balli, TISS; Manmohan Singh, KEF; Sylvia Garde, Fit-Ed; Archana Mehendale, TISS;Nagendra Nagpal, CERP; Anil Mammen, Tata Class Edge
Moderator: Ajay K Singh, TISS
Venue 2: Practice based Research in Educational Technology
– Pekka Neittaanmäki, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Designing Educational Technologies for Collaborative and Connected Learning at Scale
– Nagarjuna G., HBCSE; Sadaqat Mulla, TISS
Venue 3: Traditional Games
– Sree Ranjini, Kavade

Followed by Fireside chat on Games and Learning
Discussants – Amit Dhakulkar, TISS; Judith Perry, MIT

National Open Education Resources
– Indu Kumar , CIET, NCERT
3.30-4.00 pm Tea Break
4.00-5.30 pm
Venue 1
Plenary 04: Looking Back & Moving Forward – Insights on building sustainable models for improving education
– Lucia Dellagnello, CIEB; Nidhi Pundhir, HCL Foundation; R. Venkataramanan, Tata Trusts; Shaheen Mistri, Teach for India; Sanjay Gupta, English Helper
Moderator: Vijay Kumar, MIT

What have we learned the last two days and how do we extend that to other contexts? How do we create opportunities to improve education and employment prospects for underserved youth?
5.30-5.45 pm Closing Remarks
5.45 pm onwards Demo Sessions continued

*Venue Details

Venue Location
Venue 1 Conference Room , 6th Floor , Library Building
(Lunch, the demos and poster presentations will run through the corridors of 5th and 6th floor of the same building)
Venue 2 602, Guest House building
Venue 3 School of Social Work Meeting Room Second Floor, School of Social Work Building


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